Don’t Take Heat From Potential Candidates – Here’s How to Streamline Your Nominations Process

This year has been a whirlwind of changes – the most important being just about everything that used to be face-to-face is now digital. Jobs, meetings, medical visits, happy hours…you name it, it’s virtual.

So, if your organization is still using paper packets and asking candidates to get physical signatures, those members are going to cool pretty quickly on your nominations process.

It’s a summer of change, so heat things up and make your nominations process as convenient and efficient as possible, not only for nominees, but for your staff as well. DirectNominations® is the sizzling online service that supports easy nominee self-registration and simple control for your administrators.

For nominees:

  • Registration is efficient and done completely online. The registration process can even be “paused” at any point and nominees can go back to where they left off and finish any time.
  • Fill out forms, upload photos, resumes, bios and other required documents, solicit signatures entirely online. All simple, all secure.

For administrators:

  • Log in from anywhere to review submissions, send automated email reminders, see nominee progress – all from one secure dashboard.
  • Streamline the back-end work of the nominations process, cut down on administrative work and postage costs. DirectNominations is customizable to fit your organization’s unique needs.

DirectNominations is the sizzling technology that allows members to collect and submit the appropriate nomination materials, while ensuring the health and safety of your staff and members by reducing the need for in-person contact. Put the nominations process in your members’ hands 24/7, or you may lose nominees who are unwilling or unable to complete an in-person nomination process.

Give DirectNominations a try with your free demonstration today and see what Survey & Ballot Systems can do for you to improve one of the most important parts of your election – your nominations.