From In-Person to Online: How to Collect Petition Signatures for a Petition Online

Your organization has worked hard to recruit new potential candidates for open board positions, but you could face another dilemma — how can those potential candidates collect petition signatures for their nomination application when in-person interaction is not possible? For many small, more locally-focused member organizations that have expanded across states or nationwide, this is not a new issue.

If members are interested in collecting petition signatures for their nomination, how do they connect with others when they can’t do it face-to-face? It’s easy, thanks to technology.

Tips for How to Collect Signatures Online

Using technology to connect with members online is one of the best ways to collect signatures when in-person interaction is unavailable. Technology can help you reach your members wherever they are and whenever is most convenient for them. You can contact them in real-time and encourage greater participation in the election process by making petitions simple to sign.

You can collect signatures for petitions by:

  • Sending emails: Emailing your members asking them to sign petitions is straightforward and effective. Members can easily access a digital petition and sign it from any device and any location.
  • Sharing on social media: Social media is a valuable resource for spreading awareness about your election and collecting signatures for candidates. You can create posts with helpful links that encourage members to sign petitions and share them with others.
  • Posting links in relevant places: Increasing a petition’s visibility is one way to get more signatures. Consider posting links to online petitions on your website, in appropriate forums and in other locations where your members will see and interact with them.
  • Using specialized software: You can collect signatures with online nomination software that simplifies the petition process and makes it more convenient for members. Greater convenience and simplicity can pave the way for highly qualified candidates and more satisfied members.

Partner With Survey & Ballot Systems for Your Online Petition Needs

Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) has various voting and petitioning solutions to help with your election needs. Our software offers a secure nomination portal where petitions can be sent and signed electronically, even on a mobile device. Our easy-to-use platform provides a simple online self-nomination process and comprehensive control for your administrators. Your member organization can ensure the nomination process can continue, even when people are unable to utilize physical applications or gather signatures in person.

Ready to make it easy for potential candidates to collect petition signatures — and for members to engage with the election process? Schedule a free demo of our nomination and petition software today to see how SBS can help. Our team is always available to answer your questions and resolve your concerns, so feel free to get in touch.