How to Collect Petition Signatures Without In-Person Interaction

Your organization has worked hard to recruit new potential candidates for open board positions, but now you’re faced with another dilemma: How can those potential candidates collect petition signatures for their nomination application in an era of “social distancing?”

For many member organizations, this is not a new issue. They may have started with a smaller, local focus, allowing potential candidates to knock on doors to collect signatures when they were interested in running for an open position. Then the organization grew to state-wide or even nationwide.

So, if members are interested in collecting petition signatures for their nomination, how do they connect with others when they can’t do it face to face?

It’s easy, thanks to technology.

DirectNominations® simplifies the petitions process making it more convenient for members. Through the secure nominations portal, petitions can be sent and signed electronically, even via mobile device. This also paves the way for highly qualified candidates and more satisfied members.

DirectNominations also provides a simple, online self-nomination process and comprehensive control for your administrations, all in one highly secure and easy-to-use tool. Your member organization can ensure the nominations process can continue, even when people are unable to utilize physical applications and cannot gather signatures in person.

Administrators can easily track and remind candidates to finish applying or answer any questions, if they haven’t completed a step in the application process. Completed applications can be easily shared with and reviewed by committee members electronically.

Ready to make it easy for potential candidates to collect petition signatures while practicing “social distancing”? Try DirectNominations and see how it improves your nominations process. Schedule your free, no-obligation demo today!