How Unions Can Adapt Their Voting to Face Modern Challenges [Video]

When was the last time your union reviewed its bylaws?

It’s an important task, especially when it comes to offering your members the opportunity to vote online. Outdated bylaws can also create confusion when they clash with current practices and higher costs due to inefficiencies. Sometimes bylaws just need a tune-up, in other cases, a complete overhaul.

So, how do you know it’s time to update your union’s bylaws?

If your union doesn’t have a bylaw committee, it’s time to form one. The committee should be representative of your membership and forward thinking to shape your union for years to come.

Amendments to bylaws and election policies may require member approval, so it’s important to provide members the opportunity to review and vote on any proposed changes.

Consult an attorney throughout the process to be sure your union is in compliance with state laws and federal regulations.

This is a common reason many unions review and revise their bylaws.

Members are increasingly asking unions to allow them to vote anywhere, any time to make participation safe and convenient. And online voting also saves postage, printing, mailing and staff costs.

Bylaws often need to be amended to allow for modernization of election procedures.

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