Nomination Software Makes Life Easier for Nominees & Member Organizations

Electricity. Lightbulbs. Batteries. Refrigerators. Email – all technological innovations that have made our lives easier. And, if you have the opportunity to utilize technology to take items off your to-do list while making an often tedious and overwhelming process easier and more convenient, wouldn’t you do it? 

That’s what we have heard time and again from member organizations about the candidate nominations process. Piles of paperwork, requirements that nominees apply in person, signature collection, nominees starting the process, but organizations unable to track their progress and follow up, nominees overwhelmed by requirements opting out of applying altogether. And that’s why we created an online nomination software– the innovative online candidate nomination software.

It makes life easier for your nominees. 

  • Apply online anywhere, any time without having to visit your offices in person.
  •  Officially collect signatures safely and digitally, without having to get supporters to sign physically. 
  •  Enjoy convenient, standard, and easily trackable documents. 

DirectNominations also makes life easier for your administration team. 

  • Real-time status updates for all applicants. 
  • Send emails by application status (submitted, incomplete, etc.) or scheduled to auto send on milestone dates. 
  • Rapidly create promotions by using a standardized link across all channels so applicants can click and get started. 
  •  A customizable and adjustable tool made to ensure your nominations materials are unique to your organization’s needs.

You have access to an innovative technology that will make your nominations process easier for your organization and your nominees. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of it? 

Learn more or talk with an SBS elections expert today to discover how DirectNominations can benefit your organization.