Why Are Elections So Important For Member Organizations?

What you need to knowThe issues facing member organizations are seemingly endless – membership growth, board development, robust leadership, keeping up with technology and so much more. These pressing needs for your member-based organization results in the obvious question: Why is it so important to focus on elections?

Elections cover all the issues your organization faces daily. They allow your organization to better engage members, develop your board and leadership, embrace and utilize technology, and positively represent your organization to the public at large.

The Big Picture

  • The bylaws of your member organization layout the formal requirements for elections. In many organizations, elections are required on an annual basis.
  • In order to amend any organizational bylaws, you may be required to put the changes to a vote.
  • Fair and transparent elections promote the general welfare of your organization as well as a positive public image to members and non-members alike.

Your Members

  • Elections are an opportunity to engage members in the organization.
  • Elections provide your members the chance to connect with the organization’s leadership.
  • Leaders, and potential leaders, of your organization use elections to demonstrate their skills and management capabilities.

Your Leadership

  • Growing the organization socially and economically requires finding good leadership through holding competitive elections.
  • Elections with high voter turnout prevent a monopoly of authority, while also gaining members trust in the governance of the organization.
  • Good governance means leadership being held accountable by voters.

Ultimately, elections are most important to organizations when they prove to members they’re a priority and their confidence is held in high regard. When leaders demonstrate openness to change members will be more likely to engage.

Member organizations should aim for reliable and secure elections, while placing a high importance on voter participation. If this seems like a tall order, we can help! Contact us any time for information on how to conduct the election that best fits your member organization, while achieving good governance.