The Hidden Value in Your Voting Data…Election Analytics

You’ve got your results and declared a winner so your organization’s election is officially over, right? If you’re closing the books without advanced election analytics, you’re missing out on the opportunity that lies within your election data.

Elections provide a unique snapshot of your membership that gives you detailed information beyond whether or not members voted. To get that information, you need to take a deep dive into the details of your election data and to do that, you need advanced analytical reporting. Digging deeper into the data allows you to utilize the election as a way to gather valuable metrics that can help steer strategy for your organization.

Analyzing your election data more thoroughly can tell you:

  • Which devices, operating systems and browsers your members are using to access the election and vote. Having this information is vital for making future election strategy plans. It’s also appreciated by your IT and management leaders.
  • Where your strongest voting locations are. With a listing of top IP addresses, you’ll know your organization’s top voting spots by geography which will allow you to geo-target ‘get out the vote’ efforts in the future. An IP address registry also allows you to recognize any rare instances of suspicious activity.
  • What advanced voting features your members are utilizing. Single sign-on, phone, QR codes, Outlook calendar reminders and other advanced participation tactics are great, but further understanding which of these features they are using, what prompts members to vote and how they’re voting is better.

Advanced election analytics reporting is similar to a census report – you can further understand active member demographics, how they’re interacting, when and why they’re doing it. This information is incredibly useful for planning future elections as well as high-level strategic planning.

Ready to make intelligent decisions on member engagement strategies and draw meaningful insights about voter behavior? Contact us for more information on advanced analytic reporting.