Election Timelines [Video]

Promotional strategy is pivotal leading up to an election. Do you have your timeline mapped out?

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When should the promotion of your election timeline begin? We recommend at least eight weeks out to introduce candidates and remind members of your upcoming election. Use newsletters, website postings and social media to get the word out. Ensure dates, candidates and offices are clear, along with soliciting feedback on prior elections.

From five to three weeks out, provide details of the voting process and, if applicable, information about the election vendor. Use email and physical mail, and continue to update your site. Note changes to the voting process, vendor info, locale and time, and offer incentives when appropriate.

In the final two weeks, use email and social media to push final reminders. Focus on essentials: How, when and where members can vote. Also ensure you’re responding to questions and comments, as this can help maximize participation.

These are the keys to a smooth promotion timeline. Tune in next time for additional election tips!