Voting with Association Management Companies (AMC)


Your association management company is responsible for handling everything from property management to accounting, but one often-overlooked task is a board election.

When it comes to elections, especially with a smaller association, you want a process you can rely on, that is easy to use and saves time.

Survey & Ballot Systems is your trusted, third-party election partner. We can be on hand to conduct your election to ensure a fair, trustworthy and transparent process. We also offer myDirectVote – the leading self-administered online voting platform – so you can quickly, easily and securely manage your client’s elections.

Why not do it yourself or rely on volunteers? An election partner performs vital duties including registering, counting and evaluating the validity of ballots, establishing proof of quorum and creating a certified tally.

In the event of a contentious election, a third-party partner will remain impartial and see through a transparent, trustworthy process. A third-party partner is also experienced, independent and ready to handle any election situation.

Your clients live or die on member engagement and SBS specializes in maximizing member participation. We make it simple for your association management company to hold efficient, effective elections designed to increase voter turnout, reduce your time spent and save money.

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