Security Best Practices for your Association’s Election

Most associations rely on basic security practices, but without high-level security and constant monitoring, costly mistakes can be made.

A secure voting process is necessary for every step of the election to ensure your member’s data is protected. If a breach in security should happen at any stage, members’ trust in the process and your association could be in danger. When you are considering an election vendor, make sure that your voting system will have both advanced security practices and technology in place.

Are you observing security best practices?

Basic security is no longer enough. Here are some best practices to help your member organization formulate an industry-leading defense plan:

Get the board on board 

Do your homework and thoroughly educate your board on the importance of security to your association. You may have board members with cybersecurity expertise who can help lead the creation of a cybersecurity plan. If your board lacks this representation, you should strongly consider hiring a third-party expert to ensure you have every angle covered.

Implement employee and volunteer policies

It’s imperative that all employees, volunteers and executives of your organization set a good example so members trust their information will be secure in their everyday transactions as well as during high profile events like elections. Strong password protection, off-premise laptop and confidential data policies, data transfer protocols and training employees to look for fake or “phishing” emails and websites are good starting points when introducing your staff to cybersecurity protocols.

Make sure your election vendors have a secure process

When it comes to security and your organization’s annual election, your vendor should have a proven, certified track record in handling cybersecurity so you can feel confident that your election and data are not tampered with. It’s important you understand your vendor’s process and security measures every step along the way.

At SBS we pride ourselves on the fact that our comprehensive security provides you with peace of mind during your important elections. Through our physical and online safeguarding measures, we are able to ensure that your members’ identities and voting data are completely safe during the entire election process.

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