How to Vote in a Virtual Voting Annual General Meeting

Many in-person events continue to be postponed or are going virtual a trend that doesn’t look to be ending any time soon. However, your member organization still has business to get done, including voting at general meetings.

As member organizations continue to adapt to new ways of doing business, many are adopting new virtual meeting voting tools to help make their digital meetings and events feel more like annual meetings of the past.

Online meeting software such as GoToMeeting, Skype, Google Hangouts, WebEx, and Zoom allows members to interact with your organization digitally. Video conferencing software enables you to have multiple presentations, interviews, Q&A sessions and even a fun raffle while providing access to as many members as possible. 

But, while several online meeting software products offer polling or survey functions, none work for live, real-time virtual meeting voting that is secure and official. Relying on Robert’s Rules of Order isn’t enough; more is required to enable discussion, vote securely (by name or anonymously), count votes, report outcomes and keep records.

That’s where DirectVoteLive® comes in, a virtual meeting voting tool.

A Solution for Virtual Voting at General Meetings

DirectVoteLive® works with your favorite online meeting software and is built for real-time voting. Meeting administrators can insert customized pre-set motions before your meeting and quickly and easily add new motions as they arise during the meeting. Other applications will only allow pre-set questions that cannot be changed, making DirectVoteLive® the ideal solution for virtual voting at general meetings.

Whether or not your organization’s in-person voting at general meetings were open to the public in the past, members of the general public certainly were not allowed to vote. Your voting software for events and general meetings should have the same level of security and access, so when it’s time for your members to vote on motions, they can only do so using personalized logins delivered to their inbox. DirectVoteLive® is backed with industry-leading compliance and security features including end-to-end encryption; Transport Layer Security encryption to further secure data; an enterprise co-located data center with proper security and redundancy; and SOC 2 Type 2 compliance.

Your administrators can even verify attendance from the meeting voting dashboard tool. This can help ensure a quorum and that only members participate during virtual meeting voting. From the dashboard, meeting administrators can also add and monitor upcoming meetings,  open and close voting items, add new motions and review live results.

DirectVoteLive: Voting Software for AGMs

Think DirectVoteLive® might be suitable for your member organization’s virtual meeting voting? Start your free trial today and discover the voting solution for your next virtual annual meeting.