Success Story: National Association of Enrolled Agents

Client Profile:

The National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) is an association of over 11,000 independent, licensed tax professionals in the United States. NAEA is dedicated to helping its members maintain the highest level of knowledge, skills and professionalism in all areas of taxation, so that members may effectively represent the needs of their clients. NAEA serves its members through advocacy, education opportunities and elevating the visibility of national enrolled agents through awareness and advertising campaigns.


Since joining NAEA in 2009, my staff and I have been in the process of revamping our governance process. This has included: increasing the awareness of our democratic board process internally, developing a leadership academy for future leaders, recruiting committee members and candidates and, in general, spreading the word on how to get more involved.

With this revamp, NAEA also sought to move the election process completely online to increase effectiveness and efficiencies.

SBS Solution:

The decision was made to have Survey & Ballot Systems (SBS) assist with the changeover to all web voting. NAEA had been using SBS’ election services prior to me coming on board. I was aware of SBS through previous experience at another nonprofit organization and was glad they would be aiding with this transition.

SBS has helped move NAEA from a hybrid election, where both paper and web voting were available, to a completely online election process that meets the needs of the organization. SBS introduced new technology to enhance voting and increase efficiency. The new technology additions have included: an audio component to the online election, embedded login technology for easy authentication of voters and reminder email tactics to boost response. In addition, SBS is able to deliver election results quickly after online polls close.

With SBS running the project, the election timeline runs seamlessly. The move online has helped streamline voting; allowing the removal of multiple steps associated with the old process. SBS is nimble, responds quickly to requests and delivers on time. SBS does what they say, when they say they will do it.

“SBS is nimble, responds quickly to requests and delivers on time. SBS does what they say, when they say they will do it.” ~ Michael S. Nelson, Executive Vice President, NAEA