Success Story: Rio Grande Electric Cooperative

Client Challenge:

Prior to working with SBS, we conducted our elections by mailing out paper ballots—a system that was time-intensive for our staff. Our challenge was two-fold:

  • We wanted to streamline the voting process, making it less time and labor-intensive for our employees.
  • We wanted to make our voting process more transparent and gradually increase our member response rate by offering more than one voting option.

SBS Solution:

SBS prepared and conducted a hybrid election system for our members. We did see a slight increase in overall voter turnout, and we are confident that this will rise even more over time as our members become more familiar with the online voting system. Those who did vote online reported that the process was much easier than they anticipated.

The SBS account manager and client service representative were extremely responsive to our needs. Any time an issue would come up, I’d call my SBS contact and she would work with her team to immediately address the concern. I liked having one “point person” to work with on this project. I felt confident with SBS’s expertise and commitment to seeing the election through from initial design to final results!