How HOA Management Companies Can Easily Manage HOA Elections

It’s a situation we see often: The board of a Homeowners Association (HOA) needs legal assistance or elevated financial management or the needs of the community have become more than what the HOA board itself can handle. So, they turn to an HOA management company.

They see positive results in the community – improved maintenance and administration, expanded legal and financial resources, excellent communication with residents and the community. But when it comes time for the annual board election, there is inevitably some confusion as to who is managing what.

There’s good news: HOA management companies can help HOA boards manage electionsand Survey & Ballot Systems helps HOA management companies efficiently manage any and all board elections they’re administering. 


As an HOA management company, your job is to engage the community and get as many residents involved in the election as possible. Not only to help ensure a quorum  requirement is met, but to make sure the maximum number of resident voices are heard. 

That’s where we come in. 

Our DIY Election Software makes it easy to administer HOA elections for up to 5,000 voters.

 So why trust SBS?


Unmatched Security

myDirectVote secures and safeguards the integrity and anonymity of election results. No unauthorized surveillance or malicious events are allowed to compromise the election you’re administering.

Ease of use

Administrators of the election enjoy a supremely easy to manage system. The results are always accurate and secure and SBS offers reliable, expert technical support.

 Cost efficient

myDirectVote is an election voting app customized to your unique election needs. We offer multiple options to maximize voter participation, resident engagement and can find a fit with your budget.


Our platform allows you to control your election from a single dashboard, customize your ballot, effortlessly add your voter database, deliver personalized emails and more. 

Adding an online voting option to your suite of election tools makes election participation more convenient and accessible to a greater number of residents and members. Voters can access their ballot anywhere, any time from any device, increasing the chances they’ll participate. 

Additionally, you can utilize the online ballot to share information about the candidates: Resumes, bios, experience, candidate statements and more. Even if a resident hasn’t been engaged with the election, the voting experience can be fully informed.


SBS has worked with HOAs and HOA management companies since 1990. We know how difficult your day-to-day jobs are and we know how to make your election administration easy and effective.


Have questions about myDirectVote and how to make it work for the HOA elections you run? Contact us, we’re here to help.