The Purpose & Importance of Election Campaigns

Every member organization holds elections, but not every organization allows campaigning. Why?

Often, member organizations are overwhelmed when considering forming a campaigning policy and the responsibilities they will have when allowing candidates to “electioneer.” But there are many benefits when you allow your candidates to campaign.

Typically, when organizations such as a social club look to add campaigning to their election process, the primary purpose is to spread the word in an effort to get out the vote, but there are other benefits too.

What Is the Purpose of a Campaign, and Why Should Your Organization Allow It?

Increasing overall election participation
When candidates are actively campaigning, they make their members aware that the election is truly a contest in which they should participate. More information on the election including candidate information and their platforms can inspire members to cast their ballots.

Increasing awareness of the election
Of course your organization gets the word out to members about upcoming elections. Allowing engaged candidates to campaign amplifies that message and prompts members to get involved.

Capturing the energy of the candidates
When members see messages about an upcoming election from the candidates themselves — the people most invested in the election – it often gets their attention and gets them involved enough to vote.

Ready to increase election participation?

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Let Survey & Ballot Systems Help With Your Election Campaign Process

Over the past 30 years, we’ve held thousands of elections for member organizations across the country. Survey & Ballot Systems has helped associations, clubs, cooperatives, unions, and more through successful election campaign processes. One of the trends we see is when organizations allow candidates to campaign during the election process, it helps encourage voter response.

But, as is the case with every change to an election process, each organization should weigh the challenges and benefits before committing to it.

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