3 Reasons Why Election Campaigns Matter in Member Organizations

Elections are common practice within member organizations, yet the allowance for campaigning varies among them for diverse reasons. Some organizations may consider the process of creating a campaigning policy while managing the entire election overwhelming. Still, election campaigns deliver various benefits, from increasing participation to championing transparency and fostering effective governance.

What Is the Purpose of a Campaign?

Election campaigns ensure all your members’ voices are heard, encouraging democratic participation and responsible governance.

Through effective campaigns, members can make informed decisions about who to vote for. Campaigns also help leaders align their values and plans with the collective interests of the organization.

Why Should Your Organization Allow Campaigns and Elections?

Election campaigns give your members the opportunity to evaluate candidates based on their policies, plans and values. Campaigning promotes transparency, accountability, and a range of other benefits. Here are three reasons why campaigns matter.

1. Campaigns Boost Overall Election Participation

Running a campaign is a great way to increase voter participation. One of the most prominent challenges organizations face is getting members to cast their ballots. When your members see what candidates stand for and hope to accomplish, elections become more personal. The greater the emotional connection, the more likely members will feel invested enough to vote.

Your organization can also consider online voting to amplify participation. Online voting is secure and easy to manage. It’s also convenient for members — they can cast a single vote from anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

2. Campaigns Increase Election Awareness

Messages from candidates are more compelling than generic election notices or notifications. As campaigning gains momentum, more members will become aware of upcoming elections. The buzz will further increase engagement.

Through candidates’ campaign messaging, your members will also gain significant insights into policies and decision-making processes. Members who feel informed and engaged are more likely to voice concerns and ask questions.

3. Campaigns Capture Each Candidate’s Essence

Elections become more tangible and meaningful if members hear messaging straight from candidates. Members can listen to statements, values, and commitments in a candidate’s own words and familiarize themselves with each candidate’s style and personality.

The campaigning process helps your members connect and engage, which typically boosts their investment in voting and the results.

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