A Guide to Nominations Part 3: Petitions

Welcome to part 3 of our 4-part blog series on the nominations process!

In most organizations, some vetting is done of nominees before they can become candidates on a ballot. For some, this vetting is done in part through petitions and signatures. Petitions are one of the most democratic ways to validate a nominee’s place on a ballot. If many members are saying that they want a specific nominee in the running, they should be listened to – after all, your member organization should revolve around the members.

No matter the number of petitions a nominee may need, it is important to have the process be simple. With modern technology, there are now easier ways than going door-to-door in neighborhoods or offices asking for signatures. Utilizing an online petition platform makes it easier for nominees to distribute the petitions to be signed via email, saving them the effort of getting physical signatures on paper.

Petitions can also be a tool for candidates and organizations to get out the vote. When candidates get involved in sharing information, your members will feel more informed and engaged. This can bring rewards in many ways, namely encouraging members to vote and even to volunteer or run for positions in the future.

When obtaining signatures, most organizations want to ensure that the people signing are actually members of the organization. For situations like this, you would need to cross-reference that person with a list of members who are eligible to sign petitions. Moving this step online automates the process of checking the names or emails against your database, saving time for both you and the nominees.

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