Want Members to Vote in Your Credit Union Election?

CU Promotion eBook Cover 240There are many reasons credit unions want their members to vote in elections, but the two we hear most are: “We want our members to be engaged in every aspect of their credit union,” and “We need them to vote in elections.”

But your members can’t and won’t vote if they don’t know there’s an upcoming election and they don’t understand why their participation matters.

To help credit unions achieve the highest voter response rates possible and get the maximum return on election investment, we created the eBook 10 Proven Ways to Promote Your Credit Union Election.

Some of the tactics we cover include:

  • How to find new candidates to run in your election
  • How to create convenient ways for members to participate in the election
  • How to utilize email, mailings and social media
  • How to carefully encourage board turnover
  • How to create a campaigning policy

And more!

We know these tactics work because we’ve worked with hundreds of credit unions to successfully implement them. Get your FREE copy of the eBook 10 Proven Ways to Promote Your Credit Union Election now.

And if you have questions about your credit union’s election, feel free to contact us at any time. We’re here to help.